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If you have stopped wearing eye makeup because of your age or havent updated it since 1984 its time.

Pretty eye makeup no eyeliner. In the comment section under my brushes video last month i asked if you would like to see a makeup look using no brushes and a lot of you said yesso here it is. If you want to do your makeup without using eyeliner. The best beauty understatement. Todays video is a tutorial on an easy everyday makeup lookincluding no false lashes.

1 keep a lash curler in your bag for touch ups. Just because you dont want to use. One of the shortest routes to the barely there kind pretty of pretty is leaving out the eyeliner. All you you need is a highly pigmented black shadow and you will have the smoldering eyeshadow of your dreams.

A cream that plumps the skin can help the area around your eyes look youthful. Easy summertime makeup tutorial no eyeliner false lashes. Hooded eyes wrinkles makeup tutorial duration. Call it a reaction to the image driven instagram obsessed world we live in but the no make up make up look is steadily gaining traction.

If you find that you have some discolorations or broken capillaries around your eye. Jouer slim creme eyeliner in matte brown. A smoky eye that doesnt require eyeliner may seem ludicrous and unheard of but trust us on this one. Its the new lipstick says amber d lordes makeup artist.

7 hot tips on doing your makeup without using eyeliner. We have a great collection of pretty eye makeup looks for women over 40 and though it may be really tough to say out loud that its time to stop wearing the black lined lids from our 20s it is. The eyeliner is totally optional as well. Easy everyday smokey eye makeup tutorial no false lashes qa.

Too much salt can cause your body to retain water and appear bloated. A diet high in salt msg alcohol or artificial sweeteners can damage the skin around your eyes or cause excessive puffiness.

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